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Need a Secondary Injection Test Set? Get it from Protec

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Protective relays and circuit breakers are regularly tested for possible flash hazards or component degradation because of their critical role in an electrical system. The common tests done are the primary and secondary injection tests.

Primary injection test involves injecting a sufficient voltage to operate the circuit breaker. This tests the circuit, current transformer and the protective devices. However, the disadvantage of this test is that it interrupts a large current that can degrade the contacts of the protective devices. A better way to test relays is by secondary injection test. The protective device is disconnected from the main circuit and attached to the secondary injection test set then a sufficient signal voltage is injected to operate the device. This doesn’t degrade the device because current is not flowing in its main poles. The disadvantage of the secondary injection test is that it only tests the protective device and not the whole circuit it is operating with.

If you need to conduct maintenance tests on your electrical facility, consider renting secondary injection test sets from Protec Equipment Resources. We offer a wide range of high voltage test equipment from Cutler Hammer, GE, Siemens, ABB, Merlin Gerin, Square D and Satin American. Call us now for more information on test equipment rental terms and pricing.