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Multi Utility Secondary Injection Kit

Testing of electrical equipment is highly important because regular testing helps an electrician detect small faults or errors. Such faults, if not repaired at the initial stage by the technician, can cause serious damage to the overall electrical supply facility. And that is why most experts take help of a secondary injection test sets

These test sets are specialized tools that assess complete control and mechanism electronics of relays. It works by stimulating trigger signals and then checks the response of relay in accordance to the signal. Most of the kits available in the market are used for reading parameters, testing, and programming the relays. This process makes sure that the SACE and ABB relays are working in good condition. 

Here are few Secondary Injection Test Sets available for rent from Protec today:

Eaton-Cutler-Hammer_140D481G03Eaton Cutler Hammer 140D481G03 Secondary Injection Test Set



Siemens PTS-5 Secondary Injection Test Set




Square D by Schneider S33595 Secondary Injection Test Set




Utility Relay Co. B-291-S Secondary Injection Test Set


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