More Information on Fluke 1750

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You might already know what Fluke 1750 is and what it basically does. But if you want more information about the device and Fluke power quality, allow us to help you out.

Let us start by discussing the applications of the 1750:

  •        Long term testing: This unit lets you find intermittent or ‘hard to find’ issues
  •        Quality surveys: You can quantify the quality of power through a given facility and document the results using professional reporting tools
  •        Service compliance: It allows you to validate the quality of incoming power in the device
  •        Semi permanent observation: It lets you monitor critical units, capturing events of power quality, correlating them with device malfunction

Here is what you will get with the device if you purchase it:

  •        The 1750 unit
  •        4x400A probes
  •        DA wireless interface and power adapters
  •        5 clips and test leads
  •        Memory card
  •        Power Analyzer software
  •        Ethernet cable
  •        Power cord and international plug set
  •        Printed beginners’ manual
  •        Colored localization set
  •        CD with PDF user manual and software

These additions come with the main device if you make a purchase. However, if you do not use testers and power analyzers regularly, it is best to get electrical test equipment rental than buying it.