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Monitor Your Power Quality with Fluke 1750

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The Fluke 1750 is the ultimate tool of testing, so record power quality and keep track of power disturbances without any worries. It is an easy to use tool that contains an instrument for recording power and a handheld PDA or Personal Digital Assistant that helps with the control and setup, along with a very powerful PC application called Power Analyze. As standard equipment, the power recorder comes with four 400 Ampere current probes.

Fluke power quality equipment has many interactive and innovative features. The inclusion of a PDA makes it possible for users to configure the device, preview data, troubleshoot connections, and download all the recorded data without the need for a PC. The test lead connections are very simple to make and connected probes are automatically identified and relevant measurement system is configured. Even if the power is interrupted, there is no loss of data as the recorder comes with an internal rechargeable battery.

The 1750 is the best instrument for measuring and analyzing power quality. Get this indispensable device today and improve the efficiency of your facility. In case you are still wondering about the truth of its claims, you can rent it from us. We sell, lease and rent electrical test equipment.