Monitor Insulation Performance with AC Hipot Testing

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Testing insulation is a necessary process to determine whether it is functioning properly or will soon need replacement. One of the most useful tests to find out if insulation is doing its job is hipot testing. 

This test procedure involves using high voltage or high potential. The industry took the “hi” in high and the “pot” in potential to create the name hipot to stand as an abbreviation of the words high potential. During AC hipot testing, the total current flow is being measured so that technicians will know how the insulation is performing.  AC hipot testing uses a variable voltage source that switches back and forth from positive to negative with 50 to 60 alternating cycles of voltage per second. Also, if you are using cable test equipment that only has DC hipot available, then you will need to convert the AC to Vpeak to test that voltage with DC.

We have a number of AC Hipot testers available at voltage levels of 10 to 50kV as well as 100 to 120kV including equipment by such manufacturers as Adwel, High Voltage and Hipotronics

Here at Protec Equipment Resources, we specialize in renting electrical testing and measuring equipment on a short or long term basis. Our friendly staff is available to answer your questions and help you determine which hipot tester will work best for your insulation testing needs on our 24 hour live support line at 866.352.5550.