Minimize Power Losses With Regular Electrical Maintenance Diagnostics

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Minimizing power losses in an electrical system can help reduce monthly electrical bills. The most common cause of power loss is chaffed insulation. The chaffed insulation can expose the conductor and short to the ground. This loads down the electrical system and increases current consumption even at no load conditions.

Weakened connections have a high resistance which make them ineffective in carrying the current to the other parts of the system. Power will be dissipated on the joint and if neglected, can overheat and melt down. It is very important to maintain your electrical system to help you save money on repairs and the hassle of power outages. If you lack the right 
high voltage test equipment to conduct tests, you might want to consider renting tools. Renting allows you to get the tools you need at a minimal fee. This is much cheaper than buying equipment that costs thousands of dollars. It also reduces the hidden expenses of owning test instruments. You can borrow a relay test set for a day and only pay for that day. Just think of the savings you’ll get when you rent tools.

Protec can provide you with the tools you need at affordable rates. Contact us today and get a quick quote on the tools you plan to rent.