Metrel Test Equipment, Trusted by Most Companies

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Metrel test equipment is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors in electrical test equipment. Metrel has a vast line of multimeters, clamp meters and high voltage test equipment to suit your electrical needs. 

Faulty electrical systems can cause damage to equipment and fire. Preventive maintenance on electrical facilities should be done regularly. This can save you money on repairs and prevent accidents from happening. Having reliable equipment to test electrical systems is very important. Small errors on measurements can cause these systems to become unreliable and eventually fail. This can put a dent on your budget because of the repairs and the manpower hours needed to fix the issue. Metrel has manufactured testing equipment for over 50 years. Many companies trust Metrel with their electrical testing equipment needs. They are manufactured to comply with different electrical standards on several countries. 

If you have a limited budget on electrical test equipment or have an electrical emergency, consider taking advantage of test equipment rental from Protec. We  have a wide array of electrical test equipment to suit your needs. You will find numerous electrical test equipment from Metrel and other leading manufacturers. Contact Protec today and find the test equipment you need at an affordable price.