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Metrel Test Equipment for the Latest in Testing Technology

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For the safe installation of electronics, HV diagnostics, machine and appliances, Metrel test equipment is known for its dependability and reliable test equipment. With over 50 years of electrical equipment expertise, Metrel provides insulation testing and secondary injection test set equipment that can be counted on to perform in the field when reliability is important. 

Deteriorating electrical equipment or systems that are in ill repair can damage valuable equipment, cause fire or injure people working with or around it. Making sure to have a written schedule of preventative maintenance will help to prevent injuries and save lives. Regular testing will also ensure that equipment is in tip top condition and keeps electrical equipment performing longer without threat of failure.

If your budget cannot handle the high cost of maintenance and upkeep for vital electrical testing equipment, maybe it is time to consider Protec Equipment Resource and our equipment rental program You will be able to take advantage of the latest testing equipment you need without baring the burden of expensive maintenance and costly repairs should it break down. We handle all maintenance needs, and you will be happy to have access to the latest technological advances. Using obsolete and ancient equipment can fast become a thing of the past when you call us today at 866-352-5550.