Metrel — Recognized Expert in Measurement Industry

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Metrel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality electrical measurement and test equipment. Portable instruments make up the bulk of Metrel test equipment, although the company does offer a complete range of dedicated and integrated test solutions to building installations and networks.

One of the strongest competitive advantages for Metrel is its modular platform design based on a PC/Windows architecture that offers a series of test solutions that maximize technology reuse across multiple industry segments. 

A fine example of a Metrel test solution is the Metrel 2088 Earth Insulation Tester. This multifunctional digital measuring instrument does testing of earthing ad lighting protection systems as well as PE conductor continuity testing. The Metrel 2088 has internal memory capacity to store as much as 1000 test results, which then can be transferred to a personal computer.

Metrel test equipment is just one of many fine lines of test equipment rental offered by Protec.