Megohmmeters by Megger Test Equipment

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Insulation testing with a Megger meter involves tests using high voltage on cable and wire insulation. The cable insulation is used to protect and resist current flow from a conductor away from an electrical component. It keeps the cable or wire from developing a short and also protects workers from shocks or electrocution.

After continued use, insulation can become defective, and without regular testing, these defects may not be apparent. With a routine system of inspection and testing, unexpected equipment failure and down time can be avoided. By catching small issues early, techs can recondition parts to keep them operational and thus save on the expense of major repair or replacement should systems fail.

Measuring insulation reliability involves checking the insulator’s resistance through the use of a megohmmeter. Regular multimeters have a limited range incapable of measuring resistance. The megohmmeter, on the other hand, has high voltage output that allows measurements I the megohm range. Megger Test Equipment offers several instruments capable of performing accurate and reliable insulation testing, and our test equipment rental program provides short and long term lease or purchasing options of the following:

Megger S1-552 and S1-554 – this Megger series provides 5 kV testing for high voltage equipment. The control panel is user friendly with a backlit LCD display that allows for easy to read testing in bright or low light conditions. The on board testing results storage makes download and analysis quick and easy. Multiple display applications are available with the S series including display of time constants, resistance, battery status, voltage, leakage current and capacitance.

Megger S1-1052 – also part of the Megger S series, the S1-1052 provides all the user friendly application of the 552 and 554, but with testing up to 10 kV. It also offers a high output current of 5 mA for quick charges to capacitive loads. The carrying case also provides rugged durability that makes it ideal for taking in the field. This unit provides testing voltage ranges between 50 and 10,000 volts.

Megger S1-5005 – the difference between this S series megohmmeter is that it is fully automated with the capability of measuring PI, step voltage and dielectric discharges. Its testing range is up to 5 kV and offer heavy duty currents for capacitive testing. Designed for field testing, it comes preprogrammed with some diagnostic procedures and users may customize these procedures to automate testing.