Megger TTR310 Three Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set

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Keeping substation and manufacturing transformers operational through routine diagnostics and maintenance is vital to protecting worker safety and the equipment itself. Manufacturers of power transformers often turn to Megger test equipment for its powerhouse ratio test set, the Megger TTR310.

This three phase transformer turns ratio tester offers unique testing capabilities and storage capacity. Workers love it because it is easy to set up quickly and begin the difficult transformer testing that typically takes much longer with other TTR equipment. It also comes with a remote control that allows for testing by a single person thus saving the time and resources of needing additional staff to help in testing.

The TTR310 measures phase deviations between primary and secondary functions and will quickly isolate issues within the equipment including phase errors, faults or partially shorted turns. The effectiveness of testing with this Megger meter is only enhanced by the onboard results storage that allows field printing using the optional thermal printer – all without needing another computer or download into a laptop or PC using the available serial port.

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