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Megger Torkel 860 Protects Standby Battery Power Systems

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Standby power is a major necessity for important power plants and transformer substations. In the event of some sort of power failure, plant owners need to be able to depend on back up batteries to take up the slack. With that in mind, the maintenance and frequent testing of batteries must be conducted at regularly scheduled intervals to ensure that they will function when needed most.

Battery testing equipment designed to test and maintain viable electric systems include the Megger Torkel 860 battery load unit. This extremely portable Megger meter is designed to test the discharge capacity of battery systems intended to supply power during outages or transformer failure. Its testing performance is able to deliver real time results while the testing is in progress and alarms on the unit alert the user and actually shut down the unit should excessive battery discharge occur.

The versatility of the Torkel 860 is found in its ability to test a broad voltage ranging from 12 to 480 volts, and if higher voltage is needed, multiple systems can be linked together to supply the necessary power for testing.

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