Megger Torkel 860 Helps Prevent Battery Fail

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In the event of a power failure, batteries in use at power plants and for transformers must be able to hold up to providing backup power until the systems can be restored. Regularly scheduled maintenance and testing with battery testing equipment like the Megger Torkel 860 battery load unit can offer a way to measure battery capacity through discharge testing.

The benefit of this unique 
battery testing unit is that it is portable for those who need to travel from location to location and it is designed to allow for different voltages for battery system maintenance. With high discharge capacity and wide voltage range, the 860 can offer up results for voltage systems from 12 to 480v with discharge rates up to 110A.  Additionally, this Megger metercan be combined with other extra load units for higher current loads. There aren’t too many battery testers with this sort of flexibility and versatility on the market today.

Complete testing can be performed without battery disconnection, and the advanced software saves results in real time so that they can be downloaded to PC for storage and analysis.

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