Megger Test Equipment

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It is not easy to find a reliable electric test equipment brand. There are many good brands and they all offer a wide range of products. Among these brands, Megger has become a reliable and popular name through many decades. Megger offers many rugged and strong testing devices that can make sure your electrical equipment stays running perfectly. Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter is one such test equipment that utilizes the technology of digital signal processing to test low voltage circuit breakers.

Instructions for using Megger test equipment

  •        Before using the device, you need to make sure that the Megger meter is switched off. After making sure that it is switched off, connect it to the power source.
  •        Keep the circuit breaker disconnected and closed
  •        Turn the set on. Before that, you need to connect test set terminals for testing. Once they are connected properly, control display panel will be activated.
  •        Test all the circuit breaker poles properly. Direct tripping elements actually have high tolerance.
  •        You will now see the vernier control. Rotate it till it reaches the desired test current. Now you need to check and select the “Maintained output” mode as “Continuous Ammeter” mode.
  •        Press the start button and check out the readings.

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to use Megger devices in no time.