Megger Test Equipment To Test Insulation Resistance

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Megger test equipment is considered among the best test equipment in the world. Megger is not a new name in the industry and many experts prefer this brand for testing their electrical devices. Megger models for rent usually feature the MIT515 or the MIT1025. The basic difference between the two lies in the fact that MIT515 tends to offer 5 Kilovolt tests whereas the MIT1025 can only test 10 kilovolt. It is the light weight of the Megger meter that assists easy portability which is enhanced by its compact size. The total weight of these models is approximately 10 pounds. These meters are also 24% smaller as compared to other insulation testing equipment.

Considering the data storage capacity, the MIT515 has no memory backup where as 1025 has onboard storage facility along with cable interfacing used to communicate data to PC for purpose of storing as well as analysis. With a market presence of about 100 years and continued production of insulation test equipment, Megger has combined its knowledge as well as expertise to ease the methods of testing.

Megger pulsar rental and repair are not only convenient options to get devices at reasonable rates but also help you avoid hassles of maintaining the equipment. Simply rent out the testing equipment and return after you’re done with the testing.