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Megger Test Equipment – One Stop Solution for All Electrical Devices

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There are many Megger devices used for measuring insulation resistance of electrical units. Insulation resistance of a properly designed appliance is in the range of several megohms and hence the name Megger was chosen for the company. Megger insulation testing is considered to be a non destructive one. It is a test to see if the insulation is damaged in any way. Damaged insulation or cabling can be fatal for the device and for people.

More than thousands of products are produced by Megger in about 25 different categories. Some of them include circuit breaker testers, cable fault finding equipment, data communication testers, battery test equipment, and ground resistance testers. Apart from this, some others are insulation factor testers, fiber optic testers, insulation resistance testers, low resistance ohmmeters, multimeters, phase rotation testers, oil testers and line testing equipment motor etc.

Megger meter is among the devices used to test the resistance of insulation on a wire or winding by applying a known DC voltage to it for a given period of time. The voltage applied helps to find the ability of the wire to see if it can resist high shorts. Though the wire might not have a short when testing it without voltage with an ohmmeter, but there can be high chances of resistance change when voltage is applied to it. The short occurs when current takes the path of least resistance.

Megger meters apply voltage to electrical devices to test them. If this voltage is not applied carefully and in the right amount, it can prove to be destructive to the instrument that is being tested. For example, if very high voltage is applied, the equipment will be destroyed because it would exceed the insulation rating of the wire or device. Hence if your equipment is rated for 240v and your testing device has settings of voltage for about 300v, 600v and 1000v, you should use the 300v setting to avoid high voltage destruction of the device.

Megger test equipment is also used to check for leakage in devices. For example, it can be used in coal mines to check high-voltage cables for leakage where regular multimeters will not work. Only a specialized meter can check for leaks and faults in tight and difficult areas like mines.

Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter is a highly precise ohmmeter which is simple to operate and can be used to measure the resistance as well as resolution of a device. DLROs and Digital micro-ohmmeters help in measuring contact resistance of some applications like switch and circuit breakers, rail and pipeline bonds, and aircraft frame bonds etc. Megger has different models that are available for testing using test currents. The testing current range varies from 0.5 mA to 200 amps covering a wide range of applications which require accurate low resistance measurements.

These kind of low resistance ohmmeters (DLRO) belong to a family of highly precise instruments which provides simple, practical, and reliable means of conducting low resistance tests in the field. They also help in production quality control. These kinds of ohmmeters eliminate lead and contact resistances and work on the four wire measurement principle. They are designed to be rugged, flexible, and portable for use in the field. They also offer a wide variety of test leads and standards for calibration resistance.

It is always better to have one such device which helps to test the current, resistance, and voltage capacity of electrical devices and prevents their untimely wear and tear. Megger is certainly among the most trusted names, and if you are planning to rent or buy any type of electrical test equipment, choose Megger.