Megger Test Equipment – Oldest But Still the Best

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When it comes to electric test equipment, despite being an old company, Megger continues to rule the roost. Megger test equipment is basically an instrument used for measuring insulation resistance to check for leakages or any other fault in insulation. This instrument features a DC generator, which is hand driven and it also has a direct reading ohmmeter. Megger devices are capable of measuring extremely high resistances, generally up to 500 million ohms.

Megger meter is normally used for testing insulation in several systems including generators, motors, and cables etc. Conducting an electric test with the help of this meter is extremely easy because of clear baselines. Anything which is less than 1 Mega Ohm/1000 volts indicates poor insulation. Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter is among popular products for electric testing.

Megger offers a variety of reliable test meters that are used by individual users and companies. Availability of a wide array of testing tools has made Megger one of the most preferred brands.

If you are looking for superior quality, utmost reliability, and security related to electric testing, Megger is undoubtedly the best option. It is no exaggeration to say that Megger has indeed become a synonym for insulation testing that checks for resistance.