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Megger Test Equipment MOM2

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If you need to measure the resistance of a busbar joint, contacts within a circuit breaker or another type of high current links, the Megger MOM2 is up to the task. This hand held 200A micro-ohmmeter is conveniently powered by batteries and easy to use. It features Bluetooth® PC communication and an auto range of 1 ohm to 1000 ohms. With a weight of only 1 kg, it is designed with versatility and safety in mind. Built to comply with IEEE and IEC standards for use up to 220A this Megger test equipment is one of a kind. Take measurements in accordance with the DualGround™ method. 

This low resistance ohmmeter generates a very high output current due to its ultra capacitor. Ultra capacitors allow the Megger MOM2 to store a larger amount of energy than standard capacitors and therefore the discharge delivers a higher current. 

Megger has been a reliable provider of electric test equipment for over 100 years. Its manufacturing facilities are certified to full operational requirements of the ISO 9001 quality standard. The team at Megger is constantly reviewing their procedures to ensure the best in quality standards. 

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