Megger Test Equipment Got Better with Micro Ohmmeter

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Believe it or not, Megger, industry leader in the manufacture of high-end electrical test equipment, has come up with a one of its kind instrument- the world’s first micro-ohmmeter that is small enough to be held in one’s hand. The MOM2, weighing a measly 1kg, is a marvel that is able to handle electrical testing at a high current output (of up to 200 A), leaving behind bigger and bulkier counterparts that have way lesser capacities (say of about 10 A).

Currently, models such as the AEMC 6290 (11kgs) and the Tinsley 5898 (20kgs) are doing the rounds in the up to 200 A category and are clearly out of the MOM2’s league.

Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter, tool that measures electrical resistance, has traditionally been on the heavier end of the weighing scale and has usually not bothered its users with its physical attributes so long as it does its job well. However, with the newfound awareness of the “smaller the better” creeping its way into the world of electrical testing and calibration that was till now perceived to be as behind the scenes, the focus has shifted to companies like Megger, Fluke and Doble.

The new breed of customers is looking for more than just optimization of system performance. Demand for utility has joined hands with requirements such as appearance and ease of use. This is what makes Megger test equipment so popular.