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Megger Test Equipment for Your Electrical Diagnostic Needs

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Electrical preventive maintenance is very important because it reduces the hassle of expensive repairs and unexpected delays. You should have a good set of diagnostic tools to help you make the job easy. If you need high quality and reliable test equipment, you should consider checking out tools from Megger. Megger has been manufacturing diagnostic and instrumentation equipment for several years which makes them a trusted choice by many engineers.

If you are thinking of investing in electrical diagnostic equipment, consider reading these articles about different Megger testers and their features. This gives you an idea on what to expect and if they meet your needs.

Save Time Testing Current Transformers with the MCT1600 from Megger Test Instruments is about a tester which allows fully automatic testing of current transformers. This saves you time fiddling for the right test configuration.

The MOM2 Megger DLRO Offers High Current Output Even on Batteries discusses a portable MicroOhmmeter that can put out a very high test current while on batteries. The high current lets it measure resistance accurately from 1 μΩ up to 1000 mΩ.

Contact Protec Equipment Resources today for your test equipment needs. We sell and lease test equipment from major manufacturers like Megger, Siemens, GE and more.