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Megger Test Equipment for Dielectric Oil Testing

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Megger test equipment is associated with robust performance. Megger provides devices that are accurate and practical, and provide multiple services. The 60 kV dielectric oil test set, Megger OTS 60PB, is one such device that saves a lot of work for the operator. This test set from Megger is fully programmed to evaluate oil samples according to the test specification chosen.

Once the oil test is complete, the machine supplies the tester with the test results in a proper sequence. It also stores the result for each of the tests conducted. Since it is a fully automated oil testing tool, the evaluation is displayed as required.

Megger rental services enable testers to rent these tools and conduct the testing in their own workshops. The Megger OTS 60PB weighs around 42 pounds and is fully portable. It is fitted with rechargeable batteries inside and offers a five-minute rapid oil test sequence.

The Megger oil test kit is one of the finest electrical test equipment rental tools available controlled by a built-in microprocessor.