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Megger Test Equipment – DLRO

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In several cases, metal junctions such as circuit breakers and bus bar type of connections may develop weak joints over a period of time, which might not show visible signs of malfunctioning during operations. If the problem is not detected at the earliest, these defects can deteriorate further which might lead to system failure. This would cause instability in electrical systems and adversely affect the electrical test equipment.

Measurements of low resistance are a part of assessing conditions of such metal joints.

This is how Megger test equipment works. It keeps checking for faults so that any problem is detected before it becomes worse. This kind of diagnostic method has also been incorporated in applications concerning aviation, metal works, and automotive industry. Megger electrical equipment generates low as well as high power to carry out diagnosis. This equipment can also produce 10 Amperes within 60 seconds, making it an ideal charging device for inductive loads.

Other features include its protection circuitry of 600 volts. Durable cases make the equipment ideal for industrial as well as field use. And then there are varying test modes which can be selected (by rotating the switch) and used easily. You can get Megger rental from several service providers.