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Megger Test Equipment Applications

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Megger is an internationally renowned brand due to the fact that whenever you go to an electrical test equipment shop you are first offered Megger equipment. The company came into existence around a century back and has now added to its experience in developing and introducing array of electrical testing products of international standards. Megger test equipment is known world over for high reliability, safety, and supreme quality.    

The entire range of products from this company match the standardized operation requirements due to which it has received ISO 9001 certification and also gained the trust of millions of customers.    

One of the most prominent products from this company is Megger meter which also carries the same standard of safety, reliability and quality set by Megger. This instrument is used during non-destructive testing. It is used for carrying out insulation tests to check the condition of cabling inside an electrical device. In case the insulation is damaged to some extent (or even fully), it can lead to short circuit when the unit is run on normal power. Use of prescribed voltage for specific electrical products or appliances is a must, as excess of current or voltage can prove to be hazardous for the condition of internal insulation.