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Megger Rental- An Economical Option

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Protec Equipment Services is one of the leading service providers of industrial electrical test equipment on rental basis. The inventory of the company covers several leading manufacturers in test equipment including Megger, Fluke, Dranetz, and Doble, etc. We also provide innovative as well as valuable solutions to its customer’s equipment requirements. The process of electrical equipment testing is crucial as it tends to detect faults while ensuring proper working of electrical devices (especially the heavy ones used in industries).

Megger meter is a famous testing device that is frequently used in electrical industry. This instrument is used to check as well as test the insulation in high tension wires. The equipment makes use of the cabling to detect any breaks along the wire’s length. The meter works using direct current, on principle of the ratio meter. The instrument is placed in a fashion that the minute any deflecting torque gets produced in wires, it tends to be directly proportional to voltage and the current produced. In this manner, any kind of high resistance present in wires may be removed.

With Megger rental, you can save money and get high quality and latest Megger equipment. You not just save money, but maintenance hassles as well.