Megger Pulsar Three Phase Relay Test Set for Advanced Relay Diagnostics

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Relays are prone to carbonization of contacts because of the arcing when the contacts open. The arcing is caused by the current flowing and the inductive kickback when the magnetic field in the relay coil collapses. Carbonized contacts can cause localized Ohmic heating and result in failure. It is important to test for the efficiency of the contacts to ensure continuous operation.

To test the efficiency of the relay contacts and mechanism, a relay test set is used. This tester mimics the relay’s operating conditions and checks if the relay is within the normal rating. One of the popular testers on the market today is the Megger Pulsar Three Phase Relay Tester. It has a power rating of 150VA for three phase voltage and current. The AC output has a variable phase angle and frequency for a customized test configuration. It also has an RS 232 and IEEE GPIB interface so you can hook it up to a computer for remote controlled diagnostics and analysis.

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