Megger PFL20M1500 Cable Fault Locator for Residential Use

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Not every cable fault locator is meant for every type of job. Powerful, high energy cable test equipment is typically used for industrial applications while residential areas require enough testing power to handle test and fault location, but not be so large and bulky that the testing systems can’t navigate city areas that have minimal parking, narrow sidewalks or poor accessibility. 

The Megger test equipment of choice for underground residential distribution lines as well as industrial plant systems is the Megger PFL20M1500. Its most outstanding feature is the built in MTDR with bright screen that allows for easy operation. It can produce enough high energy for delivery to cable faults using the on board inductive filter for arc reflection. Versatility is also included with your choice of power options with the system’s inverter, and like with other Megger models, it excels in multiple location techniques including arc reflection, pulse echo, impulse current, surge and proof/burn.

Surging power of 1500 Joules at 16kV gives all the energy needed to find joint and termination faults, and with its compact, rugged durability, this unit can go anywhere. The design is meant to give fast and accurate results helping you to get the job completed quicker.

Try this powerful cable fault locator today by contacting us at 1-866-352-5550 for rental information on this and other high quality Megger equipment