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Megger Models for Cable Test Equipment

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Make sure your techs are able to properly use cable test equipment to discover fault locations quickly. Nothing is worse than getting out in the field and not being able to efficiently handle issues that arise, and if a cable is defective, finding the fault manually definitely takes time and effort. With a cable fault locator, the time and resources necessary to quickly get things back up and running is decreased making the job a lot easier to complete.

We have Megger test equipment available for rent from our Chicago and Dallas distribution centers that can easily handle fault location. The Megger cable fault location system models are the PFL20M1500 and PFL40A.

Megger PFL20M1500
This Megger model provides cable fault locating for underground residential and industrial plant systems. More energy flows to the fault making location safer and easier to spot. Everything you need to successfully find faults is right on board the equipment including an inverter for both AC and DC inputs.

Megger PFL40A
This power cable fault locator system quickly identifies and isolates faults in power distribution cables. Its main testing is DC up to 40 kV, arc reflection, impulse currents and MTDR graphic cable analysis.

To learn more about our rental program, give us a call or submit your information online so that our knowledgeable staff can help with all your electric test equipment needs.