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Megger MIT Series, Insulation Resistance Testing at its Best

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Insulation resistance testing is used to evaluate the integrity of insulation, and can be used for:  

–  A quality control measure at the time a piece of electrical equipment is produced

– A periodic preventive maintenance task

– A troubleshooting tool

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate insulation tester, check out Megger’s MIT series:

Megger MIT525 5-kV Insulation Resistance TesterThe Megger MIT525 and Megger MIT1025 both provide five preset voltage ranges in insulation test mode, plus a user settable lock voltage range. Preconfigured diagnostic tests include Polarization Index (PI), Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR), dielectric discharge (DD), Stepped Voltage (SV) and ramp test. 

Megger MIT1025 10-kV Insulation Resistance Tester The Megger MIT525 and Megger MIT1025 also offers simplistic operation with two rotary switches and a large backlight display enables multiple results to be displayed simultaneously. 

Advanced memory storage in The  Megger MIT525 and  Megger MIT1025 includes time/date stamping of results, logging of data and recall of results to screen. A fully isolated USB device interface (type B) is used for safe transfer of data to Megger’s PowerDB asset management software.

Each Protec office stocks a full complement of Insulation resistance, electrical test and measurement equipment.  

Offering equipment from all of the premiere manufacturers for rent, lease or purchase, Protec has the electrical testing equipment you need to get the job done.