Megger Meter – Test Your Insulation

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Megger is the leader in electrical test equipmentMegger meter is used to measure insulation resistance. It can help check the possibility of leakage.  A known DC voltage is applied across the device that is to be tested for a given duration to check for faults in the insulation.

There are preset voltage ranges for every Megger device. Proper use is essential if you do not wish to damage the device being tested. If the voltage applied is very high, the insulation of the device may get damaged. Therefore it is essential to apply the right voltage while testing any device. For example if your device has a rating of 550 V and your testing unit has settings of 300V, 600V and 1000V, you should use the 600V setting.

Testing a wire or a winding with an ohmmeter without the application of voltage may not show any faults or leakage. However, this does not mean that the insulation is intact. On application of voltage, the current takes the path of least resistance and this is the time when leaks can be detected using a testing unit. Before actually buying the device, you may wish to check its performance. Check out our Megger rental service.