Megger Meter PMM-1 Power Testing

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Megger meter that is frequently used to measure voltage, current and phase angles for electrical power is the Megger PMM-1 Power Multimeter. Technicians will appreciate the portability of this unit, and its large screen display allows for ease in reading data testing results.  The main features of this relay test set are that it can simultaneously measure and display three phase applications on the screen. It also provides extremely accurate testing at low ranges of current.

The specifications for this Megger test equipment is that it can test up to 650 v per phase AC or DC, and the current input for AC only is a maximum of 100 amps per phase. The display shows a wealth of information to make testing data readily available at your fingertips including watts, bars and frequency measurements. It also has a timing feature right on the deck.

For those of our customers who like to see potential test equipment in action, you will appreciate the following video overview that shows all of the Megger PMM1’s available features for relay testing. Once you’ve seen the equipment, give us a call so our friendly and knowledgeable support staff can help you choose the right rental program to suit your operational needs. We provide daily, weekly, monthly and long term rentals of electrical test equipment along with a 24 hour support line so that we are always available to answer any questions you may have or provide support for the equipment you choose or submit your contact information online so we can contact you