Megger Meter – Get It for Rent

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Thought most people wouldn’t have heard of a Megger meter, it is something that is often used in the electrical industry. This meter is used to check and test insulation of high tension wires. It examines the cabling to see if there are any breaks in current along the length of the wire. The meter runs on direct current and works on the principle of ratio meter. It can be placed in such a way that when deflecting torque is produced in the wire, it is directly proportional to the voltage and current being produced, such that it can remove any high resistance in the wires.

Electrical test equipment is very important as it detects faults in expensive electrical and electronic devices and checks their proper working.

Since many industries make use of heavy electrical machines, it is important to test them so that any faults are uncovered before they become major problems.

Since testing devices are expensive and aren’t used very often, it is just practical to get them on rent or lease. Electrical test equipment rental makes sure that you get the equipment only when you need it. This way, you don’t just save money; you also cut the overhead costs that go into device maintenance.