Megger Meter For Accuracy

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Locating faults in the inconveniently placed underground cables can be easily done using the MPP2000, a special type of Megger test equipment. It is an extremely compact instrument which is portable and handheld, and has been combined with electromagnetic probe as well as a lightweight microphone.

The instrument also has a large color display which shows magnetic signals along with the acoustics level. It also shows relative distance as well as direction of the faults.

This electrical test equipment is used in combination with high voltage generator which is used to create some flashover towards the point of fault. The pin pointer also detects electromagnetic as well as acoustic signals which are produced by flashover.  The difference of time between the signals is used by the instrument to determine distances. This makes the results more accurate as the equipment does not solely rely on signal strength.

The electromagnetic probe as well as the ground microphone, which are supplied along with this instrument, are robust and may be easily disassembled for transportation or storage. Megger rental of this device is also possible through several agencies that rent out at affordable rates. Just go online and check for the specific instrument you desire, rent it for the duration of the test, and rest assured that your underground cables are well protected and insulated.