Megger Meter and Test Equipment

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An easy solution to detect possible current leaks in the wiring is provided by the Megger Test Equipment, It is a type of multimeter, used for checking resistance and shorts in the wiring. They work by giving a supply of DC voltage for a fixed time period to a wire. It tests the insulation’s resistance on the windings. When you test the wire without voltage, it may not show leaks to the ohmmeter, but as you apply the voltage, resistance may change and then the short is revealed, which can be detected by a Megger meter.

But there are certain times when the user is unsure about a testing unit’s ability to work, and so it is best to choose rental over buying it, especially when you don’t need to use it frequently. It also saves the tester from expensive maintenance.

A wide variety of Megger meters are present in the market, and they give you easy, fast and safe testing ability. Megger Pulsar rental & repair provides you a way to complete electrical testing without any heavy investment.

If you need to know more about renting electrical test equipment, just contact us and our experts will get in touch with you soon.