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Megger Meter: A Must Have Instrument for Personal Safety

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IR or insulation resistance is a vital parameter that is directly related to the safety of personnel, equipment, and the reliability of power. Insulation resistance of any device gradually changes due to many factors such as stress (both mechanical as well as electrical) and physical conditions such as temperature, pressure, and humidity etc.

It is very important for engineers to detect these changes and take proper action on time to avoid any untoward incident or mishap because of electric shocks. A Megger Meter is a portable device with which the insulation resistance of any electrical system can be effectively measured. The meter is either operated mechanically or it may be powered by a battery. For high voltage or HV diagnostics, these meters are specially constructed and usually come in the preset range of 100 volts to 5000 volts.

The voltage that is used for testing is usually much lower than this and is supplied by a battery or mechanically and it normally ranges from 250 volt to 500 volt.

For low voltage systems, a test voltage of 500 volt is sufficient, while for high voltage systems test voltages ranging from 1000 to 5000 volts are used. Correct test voltage should be used to avoid unintentional damage of electrical test equipment due to high voltage.

A regular ohmmeter cannot be used for testing insulation resistance as it may not be able to detect faults without the application of voltage. When voltage is applied, it becomes easy to detect faults and leakages and that is why a Megger meter is the most effective equipment to measure insulation resistance and to check the device for any faults or leakages.

Safety is very important while working with any electrical instrument. You need to ensure that the devices being used are free of fault and leakages. Any overlooked fault may result in loss of life and resources. Regular testing of electrical test equipment is very important so that maintenance can be done on time. Megger meter can help ensure that the devices being used are in best working order and are free from all faults.

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