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Megger Insulation Testers Are Preferred by Many Professionals

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Taking your electrical system for granted can lead to delays and serious injuries. This is the reason people are very keen on investing in test equipment to keep their power system in good working condition. Bad insulation is the leading cause of fires in many electrical systems. Detecting problems early helps prevent  unnecessary expenses due multiple component failures.

Good insulators have resistances of several megOhms to terraOhms. This is sufficient enough to isolate large current flowing in the conductors. When contaminants start to accumulate on the surfaces, this degrades the insulation and lowers its resistance. This lowered resistance can let current flow in places where it shouldn’t be which causes short circuits and electrical failure. 

The common tools used in measuring insulation resistance are Megger insulation testers. Many prefer Megger because of its reliability and ease of use. You can also choose from several models with features that meets your needs. You should consider investing in one so you always have equipment ready for maintenance checks or emergency cases.

Don’t compromise electrical safety only because you are not financially capable of investing in important tools. Test equipment rental is a cost-effective way of conducting regular checks on your equipment. Contact Protec today to get the best deal on equipment rentals.