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Megger Insulation Test: A Better Technique for Insulation Fault Testing

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Megger test equipment provides the users with benefits of safety and durability. Megger makes sure that all its products follow highest quality standards. They are user friendly and intuitive which makes them very easy to use. They are also very light weight, weighing around 10 lbs. Their portability makes them a preferred choice for testing remote devices. They also come with a LI – ion battery which gets fully charged up in less than 2 hours.

Megger instruments are ideal for a number of applications:

  1.      The go/no-go tests
  2.      Measuring small and minute leakages of current
  3.      For applications where diagnostic testing needs to be done
  4.      For interpreting the downward trend of the insulation values
  5.      Checking the errors in wiring before the initial set-up and power-up of the new insulation

Users also have the option of rent testing equipment to save money, instead of buying the devices.