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Megger DLRO200-115, A Versatile DLRO That You Can Rely On

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Megger DLRO200-115 Digital Low Resistance OhmmeterThe Megger DLRO200-115 Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter (DLRO) checks and measures contact resistance in high voltage circuit breakers, disconnecting switches (isolators) or busbar joints. The Megger DLRO200-115 DLRO accurately measure resistances ranging from 0.1μΩ to 1Ω, at high currents.

A versatile instrument, the Megger DLRO200-115 DLRO can provide test currents from 10 amps up to 200 amps, subject to the load resistance and supply voltage.

The alphanumeric keypad of the Megger DLRO200-115 DLRO allows you add notes to stored results, as well as set the test current directly by keying in the value required. The Megger DLRO200-115 DLRO will check the continuity of the test circuit, and will quickly ramp the test current up to the desired level. The keyboard is also used to set upper and lower limits for the result and to prevent the use of excessive currents by setting an upper limit to the allowable test current.

The Megger DLRO200-115 DLRO operates in one of three modes, which are simply selected from the on-screen menu: CONTINUOUS, NORMAL and AUTO.

Megger is one brand you can count on, and Protec offers for rent, lease or purchase, all the electrical testing equipment you need to get the job done.