Megger DLRO – The Best Low Resistance Ohmmeter Testing Kit on the Market

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Low resistance ohmmeter testing equipment finds extensive use in measuring contact resistance of aircraft frame bonds, rail pipeline bonds and circuit breakers among a myriad of other fields. Everyone, including builders and electricians, needs resistance testing kits from time to time. However, buying a kit that costs several thousand dollars may not be feasible to most companies’ bottom line. 

All Megger DLRO models offer high precision and accuracy. These have at least a count of 0.1 micro-ohms.  The DLRO product range is especially aimed at low resistance measurements. These can run on a current range of 0.5mA to 100mA. The results are displayed in less than 3 seconds for most models. It includes a number of features for safety like visible warning for high terminal voltages and the current flowing through the sample. All DLROs use NiMH batteries, which make them very light and easy to carry around in the field.

Megger test equipment is the most reliable low resistance testing kit. Consequently, it is also the costliest. With prices running in excess of $3,000, in many ways you are better preserving company resources by renting the equipment than buying it outright, especially since most testing equipment is utilized only 25 percent of the time. Small companies as well as individuals with seasonal needs of testing equipment can rent Megger DLRO (10X, 10HD, 10 manual etc) at Protec for affordable rates. Give our support staff a call at 866.352.5550 to learn more or become a Protec Insider for special leasing deals and product alerts.