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Megger DLRO Going with The Flow

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For testing most electrical problems, a low resistance ohmmeter will find electrical issues with a multitude of differing types of electrical equipment in the field or warehouse. Ohmmeters even work for residential usage for such needs as appliance and electrical testing of fuses and switches. Basically, the versatility and usefulness of these quality instruments make them a preferred tool of technicians in a broad range of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

An ohmmeter tests resistance that a circuit has to the flow of current. Resistance is measured in ohms. The higher the ohms, the more resistance the circuit has to current flow and the opposite for lower ohms. If a circuit has zero ohms, current will flow freely whereas with infinity ohms, current cannot flow at all.

The Megger DLRO or digital low resistance ohmmeter is built to endure any tough working conditions it encounters. It will reliably give you the testing results you need to make sure your electric equipment is functioning properly. At the same time, it features an internal battery that is rechargeable along with high input protection up to 600V to keep from blowing fuses. 

Protec offers a large selection of Megger test equipment to suit all your needs so be sure to give us a call so we can help arrange rental of the Megger DLRO or other maintenance and test equipment for your company. To demonstrate the rugged durability of Megger products, we thought you might enjoy the following YouTube video that really shows the Megger DLRO-10HD being put to the test: