Megger DLRO for Testing Metal Contact and Joints

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digital low resistance Ohmmeter is a test instrument commonly used in various industrial applications like resistance measuring of welded joints, railways and terminal connections of high power equipment. If you are thinking of investing in one, consider getting a Megger.

Megger is one of the reliable equipment manufacturers that has several years of experience in electrical diagnostics. Because of this, their products are widely used in industrial and commercial testing. One of its basic models is the Megger DLRO 10 which has an output test current of up to 10 Amperes. The output current is sufficient for most applications in substations and in the field testing. Its small form factor and rechargeable batteries also makes it easy to carry anywhere you need it. Its rugged construction ensures that it will continue to operate even in the harshest conditions. The back-lit LCD screen allows you to read measurements even in poorly-lit environments.

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