Megger DLRO for Cost Effective and Reliable Testing.

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Wise managers have their employees use Megger test equipment when doing any routine testing of a facility’s electrical insulation. The utilization of such items can be counted on to lower the risk of unexpected repairs. It reduces the chances that a costly repair will demand use of money that has been budgeted for some other purpose. 

The Megger DLRO 247001 model contains a digital 
low resistance ohmmeter that is able to detect something that escapes the human eye, namely the first signs of bad insulation. Because this DLRO makes use of low resistance methods, it can locate a problem that would go usually go undetected if only making a visual inspection of equipment.  

The Megger ohmmeter can perform PI, DAR, IR, DD and SV tests and works perfectly in an area where there is a large amount of electrical noise. That noise does not diminish the equipment’s ability to complete its vital operation. Additionally, this device has been built to withstand all manner of knocks and hits. It can hold up under the toughest conditions. It continues to operate and deliver the desired information, regardless of how roughly it might be handled.  

For the Megger testing equipment you need, our short and long term rental program provides a cost effective solution to maintaining your own test equipment. Give us a call on our 24 hour live support line 866.352.5550 to learn more about putting Protec testing equipment to work on your project. You can also submit your information online for our support staff to contact you.