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Megger Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter – The Most Reliable Ohmmeter

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Megger has set a new standard in the electrical Industry with its amazing new electrical test equipment that merges traditional Megger reliability with cutting edge technology to bring to its users the most convenient and accurate services. The Megger meter is named so because of the popularity of Megger manufactured ohmmeters. The newest testing devices from Megger are the DLROs or the Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter.

These innovative new devices are precise, reliable, and give you value for your money. With DLROs, the users can easily conduct highly accurate low resistance tests in the field. They can be effectively used to optimize electrical devices and their performance through production quality control. It uses the four-wire measurement principle thereby eliminating resistance due to lead and contact. This has resulted in a significant increase in the accuracy of measurements.  The device is portable and rugged, like all Megger test devices are. Whether you are an expert or a first time user, this is the ideal device to use as it has fully automatic operating modes.

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