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Megger Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter for Easy Testing

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The Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter was designed to accurately gage resistance as low as 0.1 micro-ohms. For practical, easy, and consistent tests to check low resistance, the digital low resistance ohmmeter (DLRO) is said to be the perfect instrument.

Megger DLRO-10 and DLRO-10X are fully automatic devices and have the capacity to show precise outcome in just three seconds. Also to keep away the test model from heating up, it has power limitation of 250 mW. It is designed in such a way that the link in the existing and prospective connections can be easily identified. As it may be hazardous to test current, the Megger meterclearly displays caution about the presence of high voltage, and also about the current passing in the instrument being used for the experiment. In fact, the DLRO-10X has the option of manually selecting maximum and minimum power as per the consumer’s settings. This ohmmeter can be applied to airline frame links, circuit and lever breakers, pipeline, and rail links, etc.

The low resistance ohmmeter is easily available and if you want to rent it, you can contact us as we not only offer Megger test equipment rental but also provide technical assistance to our customers for choosing the correct device to perfectly suit their purpose.