Megger CFL510F Handheld Cable Fault Locator

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Megger test equipment such as model CFL510F offers affordable cable fault locator testing without having to use heavy, more expensive equipment commonly used for that purpose. These handheld devices known as time domain reflectometers provide easy use with functional keys that keep testing times short and sweet. 

The CFL510F features ranges for testing of cables for power, cell, CATV and telephone needs with an output impedance of 25, 50, 75 or 100 ohms. What really makes them ideal for use in the field is that their measuring range goes from 30 up to 9,000 feet with four inch minimum resolution. In addition, this Megger meter is designed with tough ergonomics made for rough use and includes housing from flame retardant materials that also protect the unit from dirt and moisture which could affect test results and the display. The system comes with a neck strap for hands free use and tool belt case if you would prefer wearing it on a belt.

Power to this cable test equipment is provided from batteries that can be stored right on the unit’s back with two screws that also make it convenient for keeping extra battery packs on hand when needed. So when you need cable fault locators or any other electrical testing equipment, call us to learn more about our short and long term rental program. Our Protec Insider from provides an easy way for you to submit your information online and have one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members contact you at a time convenient to your schedule.