Megger CB-360-DC/CB-120-DC Designed for Testing DC Circuit Breakers

Megger CB-360-DC/CB-120-DC DC Circuit Breaker Test SetsIt can be expected that a circuit breaker will gather dirt, moisture, and contaminants while in service, and without routine maintenance its insulation systems can weaken due to the heat created by arc interruption.

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A circuit breakers used in a harsh environment can be exposed to various corrosive contaminants, such as hydrogen sulfide or chlorine, and these chemicals will corrode and damage not only the insulation of the breaker, but its metal components as well.

The Megger CB-360-DC/CB-120-DC DC Circuit Breaker Test Sets are mobile, high current test sets designed specifically for testing dc circuit breakers. The test sets incorporate a variable high current dc output, control circuitry, instrumentation, and overload and short-circuit protection.

Megger CB-360-DC/CB-120-DC specifications:

Input: (Specify one): 230,380,415,460,575 volts, 3</J, 50/60 hertz

Output: The output current is adjustable from “Zero” up to the maximum available from the test set.

The following out­put currents are available through typical modern circuit breakers which are directly connected to the test set using Multi-Amp stabs:

Output Current

Maximum Time On

Minimum Time Off


Model CB-120-DC


3,000 amperes

9,000 amperes

15,000 amperes

24,000 amperes

15 minutes

22 seconds

8 seconds

3 seconds

15 minutes

5 minutes

3 minutes

2½ minutes


Model CB-350-DC


3,750 amperes

10,000 amperes

20,000 amperes

30,000 amperes

15 minutes

21 seconds

5 seconds

1 seconds

15 minutes

5 minutes

3 minutes

2½ minutes

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