Megger Battery Testing Equipment

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Lead-acid and nickel-cadmium cells have the capacity to carry approximately 7,000 Ah. The best way to determine their condition is through the use of battery testing equipment, which is made readily available for consumers today. An ongoing problem people face these days is the fact that batteries don’t last long especially if they are already deteriorating. It is very important to conduct routine maintenance for these batteries since they can easily die down when work is being done.

Perhaps one of the more famous impedance testers available today would be the Megger BITE 2P. It is known to be very convenient to use since it is able to not only indicate whether the battery has passed, failed, or offers warning indicators, but it also allows the user to print out the results with a thermal printer to be used as reference. In addition, the Megger BITE 2P is a tester that most users prefer over load cycle testers since it doesn’t take too long to measure results. Megger tests impedance through the use of AC voltage. In fact, batteries that are deteriorated have larger impedance in comparison to those that that are not defective.

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