Megger Battery Ground-Fault Locator Now Available for Rent from Protec

Megger-BGLThe Megger Battery Ground-Fault Locator (BGL) simplifies the tracking of ground faults on floating dc-powered control systems.

Featuring automatic operation,the Megger Battery Ground-Fault Locator can be used on live battery systems and has the unique capability of detecting, tracking and locating multiple faults on a battery system without having to resort to sectionalizing.

This is accomplished by injecting a low-amplitude 25 Hertz test signal on either the positive or negative side of the power bus and tracking the signal with one of several available clamp-on sensor probes.

A fault simulator also is provided with the instrument, allowing the periodic verification of the resistance and capacitance ranges of the Megger BGL.

Megger Battery Ground-Fault Locator (BGL) Features and Benefits

• Reads resistance directly (1 ohm to 100 kilohms)

• Locates single or multiple ground faults

• Operates on floating or resistance-grounded battery systems

• Operates on live battery systems

• Operates in the presence of surge-correction capacitors

• Fused output leads for maximum user safety

• Battery operated with internal automatic charger

• Measures capacitance

• Lightweight and portable

• Tough polyethylene plastic sealed enclosure that provides high shock and vibration resistance

Available for rent, lease, or purchase from Protec Equipment Resources.  We are here to help you with your testing equipment needs.

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