Measuring Response Time of Circuit Breakers Using a Circuit Breaker Timer

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Circuit breakers need to be quick in interrupting the power line because if they are too slow, the electrical system can fail and eventually burn out. It is very important to test circuit breakers regularly because they play a critical role in an electrical system. A circuit breaker timer is used to test the response time of the contacts during an overload condition.

When an electrical system overloads, circuit breakers come into action. This is why they should be quick in interrupting the supply line. However, if the contacts weld together due to arcing from a previous break or corrosion, it may take while for it to open or it may not totally open at all. This can cause fire and damage to other electrical equipment.

A timer measures the time a contact travels from closed position to its open position or vice versa. It measures the contacts contact time, stroke, velocity, over travel and over-wipe properties. These properties determine the condition of the circuit breaker.

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