Measuring Earth Resistance with The DET62D from Megger Test Equipment

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The ground or earth connection serves as a return path or reference point in an electrical system. It is also used to channel unwanted voltages to the ground like electricity from lightning arresters. It is important to ensure that the ground connection is firmly attached to ensure it does its purpose correctly.

Visual inspection of the earth connection is not sufficient to detect problems. Sometimes if the soil is too dry, it loses conductivity and makes the earth connection less effective. It is essential to measure the resistance of the connector from the ground. This lets you assess the ground’s condition and improve the connection if the resistance is too high. One of the most popular testers is the DET62D digital ground tester from Megger test equipment. It can measure resistances from 100 milliOhms up to 2 kiloOhms with a maximum test voltage of 50 Volts peak-to-peak. The interface panel has a large back-lit LCD display for the test results and LED indicators for lead resistance and current spikes. This gives you ample information for accurate ground testing.

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