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Measure the Condition of Stator Core Insulation with ELCID Evolution.

IrisPower_ELCID-EL-CIDGenerators are exposed to extreme electrical, thermal and mechanical stresses over the course of use. Continuous thermo-mechanical stresses and thermal cycles can have a severe impact on the stator core, and over time, this can lead to deficiencies in the core insulation.

Thus, regular checks of the insulation condition are recommended to avoid possible consequential damage, such as core burning or damage of the bar insulation.

The flux test is used to measure the condition of the stator core insulation and to detect possible local insulation damage. Insulation failure can result in local hot spots between several sheets of the core during magnetization.

The IRIS Power Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection Test Set – EL CID Evolution operates at only 4% of normal operating flux, generated by its quickly installed excitation kit.

Any imperfections in the core inter-laminar insulation produce fault currents which are detected by a Chattock coil and analyzed by the ELCID Evolution signal processing unit. Measurement results are digitally stored in the PC for analysis and report generation, and faults can be precisely located in the core. Future results can be compared to past results for trend analysis.

Reduce test outage time and avoid the hazards of the stator core Ring Flux test with EL CID Evolution test.

ELCID Evolution Features:

• Faster test scanning (up to 120mm/sec @60Hz)

• Easier excitation calculations

• Simpler testing with dual Chattocks

• User-friendly LCD display to guide user operation

• Ability to combine step-iron data with main core traces

• “Hot spots” color map display

• Fully compatible with existing data

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published December, 2015 and has been updated freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.